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As you peruse our website, we realize that questions are going to crop up. Well, you are in the perfect place. We have put this page together to share with you some of the common questions we receive along with the answers. We certainly want our customers or potential customers to be as informed as possible. Once you have read everything you can on our website, contact our customer service office. Our specialists are available 24/7, 365 days a year for your convenience. The questions that you have that you do not see here will be patiently answered by one of our represetatives. We look forward to hearing from you and talking about your concerns and questions as well as the possibilities. Our agents are standing by.

Providing answers to some of the most commonly asked questions

Party Bus Galveston FAQ...

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Are we allowed to drink on the bus?
Of course! So long as you supply your own alcohol. But yes, this is a party bus and it was made for partying so you can drink even while the vehicle is moving. However, all of your passengers must be of legal drinking ages in order for you to bring alcoholic beverages on board.
What if our group wants to go over the time limit we agreed to?
As long as the vehicle that you rented is not needed by another customer, you can certainly go over your time limit. And you will not be charged additional fees. The extra time will be charged at the same hourly rate that you agreed upon when you made your reservation. The overages will be owed in cash to your driver at the end of the trip.
Is smoking allowed on the bus?
We would like to keep all our buses fresh and clean for all our guests so we do not allow smoking on board any of our vehicles. However your chauffeur will be more than happy to take a pit stop whenever you ask to pull over so smokers can stop for a smoke break or if anyone needs to use the bathroom.
Do we need to make sure our vehicle is clean when our time ends?
We understand there will be normal wear and tear after your experience, so you may want to at least ask your guests to pick up any mess they have made, it rare that we have to invoke it but anything that we deem to be excessive in terms of cleanup we need to do you will be charged a fee for, as is said in your reservation paperwork. So, the cleaner you can keep it the better, you don't have to make it spotless, just don't leave it a mess. All we ask is you respect our vehicles and don't trash it, simple as that.
Can we eat on the bus?
If you want to absolutely, just remember the last question about keeping the party bus clean, try to keep it to no mess foods as you don't really have a table to eat on. And if you are booking for a birthday party, you will probably want to do any cakes or cupcakes off the bus, the dyes often used in frostings can cause serious stains that are pretty much impossible to clean up.
How far will you go for me?
As far as it takes! But pickup locations of more than 50 miles away may result in additional fuel surcharges. Other than that though, your contract calls for unlimited stops and unlimited miles. When you call us up for a quote or to make your reservation for one of our party buses we will walk you through exactly the info you need to know about your planned trip.
Do you require a security deposit?
Yes, you need to make a security deposit with a credit card over the phone, to reserve your bus. A free quote is not a promise to hold a vehicle, once you agree to a reservation and put down a down payment, then the vehicle is reserved for you and you alone, anyone who calls for it will be turned away. Which is why we can't refund you after you agree to reserve one of our party buses.

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