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Many companies out there will only give you flat rates when it comes to party buses. We believe that each and every event is unique, and deserves to be treated that way. That's why when you call us, we are ready to work with you to get you a personalized quote that is both highly competitive and fair. We believe in complete transparency with our clients so you always know exactly what you payed for when you call us for a quote. The price differences have to do with the size of the bus you choose as well as the time of year. Higher demand will yield higher prices on buses, so if you want to keep the price low, you should try to schedule your event during the weekdays and not during the early late spring to early fall months. It is important that you know that we operate on the graduated pricing scale. What we mean by that is for our customers is that we are very willing to pass along any kind of savings that we might experience in the course of doing business. For instance, if we should experience a major decrease in the price of gas, instead of keeping our prices the same, we would definitely look into dropping our prices to pass along our savings to you. You definitely will never experience an hidden fees. Our company is very serious about making our great service available to as many people in Galveston and the surrounding area as possible and keep prices as reasonable as possible. When you call, keep in mind that we do need to gather some information from you so that we might get you the most accurate quote possible. Please be able to answer the questions to the right when you call in. We look forward to talking to you about your special plans.

How Party Bus Galveston handle quotes & reservations

When calling for a quote...

We have a team of booking specialists standing by 24 hours a day to help you when you need our help, from a free quote to booking a vehicle for your next group trip.

While some other companies just put a blanket price on their site and let it stand at that, we would rather hear your needs and pass on any savings we can to you. If fuel prices are low why would we charge you the same price as we would if the prices are record highs? Nor do we want to pay a 3rd party company to use their on-site booking form, which would raise your price as well as letting an person who may not be familiar with the industry to book on their own when talking to a profession booking team member could help you save you money or give you and your guests a better experience.

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How many guests are going to be on the bus?
We have to follow the guidelines set forth by the state as far as how many passengers we are allowed to permit each of our luxury vehicles. You also generally don't want to max out the passenger limit, you may feel packed in pretty tight, it's better to move up to the next size vehicle to give everyone plenty of room.
When is your trip happening?
This one is pretty obvious why we need to know this information. But we need to know the date and the time you would like to be picked up and when you plan to be dropped back off. From there we can make sure the vehicle you want is still available and when you book it then it becomes locked in as reserved for you.
How far away are you?
We need to know where we will be picking you and your guests up at, and if there will be any additional places we will be picking anyone up at, say some of your friends live on the way to your destination it may make sense to have to two pick up and drop off locations. We also need to know where we are taking you during your trip.
For how long are you renting?
Once again we need to know for scheduling reasons, as well as the occasional times when someone is planning to book a trip for much longer than average, due to regulations that can sometimes mean we will have to swap drivers during extra long trips. We also have minimum rental times in order to make sure we recoup the cost of even preparing a vehicle for a trip.

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