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If you have had a chance to peruse our entire website, you have now come to the right place to take the next step for your next event. Once you have filled your brain with all of the information we have included here, it will be the ideal time to contact our expert customer service team. Our specialists are well trained and they love talking about what our company does and how we can help make your next trip a memorable one. They are also experts at fitting groups to the perfect vehicle. When you call, have a few pieces of information ready for us: date and time you desire service, pick up and drop off location and the size of your group. So, ff you have any questions, maybe you want to see a bus, or, if you are ready to book, feel free to call us. We will make sure to help you out in any way we are able to. We are excited about the possibilities for your next trip and we hope you are too.

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Our customer service isn't a one way street regarding the questions, you will also be able to ask any questions you have for us about planning your next group outing in one of out incredible luxury party buses in and around the Galveston area taking you where ever you need to go no matter why you are going there. We just want to make sure you and your friends have a blast.

When you need party bus service:
We'll need to know the date and time you are planning for us to pick you and your guests up. As well as how long you think you will need our services for. That lets know when vehicles are still available.
Pickup & Dropoff Location:
Typically the pickup & dropoff location will be the same location, but you do get unlimited stops so you may want us to make more than one pick up. It just has to be figured in to how long your trip will take.
Main Destination of your trip:
This gives us the distance between your pick up and drop off location to your destination. If you know ahead of time you will be making other stops you should let us know, the more info that we have the better.
Number of passengers:
Each of our luxury vehicles have a maximum number of passengers permitted by regulations, so we need to know how many you'll have to know which vehicles will fit your needs and give the best experience.